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Derek Matthews
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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
Similar to the thread in the old DW forum, answer the following questions
(all optional)

real name?
how long been playing?
origin of user name?
top 5 drummers?
make of drumkit?
make of cymbal?
where do you practice?
are you in a band/s?
covers or originals?
what style of music?
favourite take out food?
one really odd fact about yourself?
how did you start drumming?

copy and paste these questions into your answer box and lets learn about each other. i'll answer them myself a little later as i have to go to a staff meeting now. Ciao!

real name?Derek Matthews
age? 34
how long been playing? 3 weeks
origin of user name? My mother
top 5 drummers? Vinnie paul, Niel Peart, Chris Adler, Phil Collins, Jon Bonham
make of drumkit? Ludwig
make of cymbal? Sabian
where do you practice? My Garage
are you in a band/s? No
covers or originals? I'm still in "training"
one really odd fact about yourself? I refuse to eat while driving.
how did you start drumming? After I achieved other goals I started.