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Originally Posted by bballdrummer34 View Post
You kind of made my heart drop ... Obviously a tear has never left your eye after listening to it. I read some of the book A Love Supreme. If you knew what it all meant you would not have said that. Those statements sometimes make me want to stop what i do and get a desk job. But it's ok go back and listen to it some more. See if you can feel the aurora coming out of your player. Its really strong man real strong.

Sorry if i got dark, just that piece means a lot to me.
I'm definatly with you on that. I can understand why someone would think that Elvin overplayed, but the piece was Coltrane's gift to God and it's meant to be epic in every sense. Without Elvin's thundering cymbals, intense snare work and his solos of pure energy and passion A Love Supreme wouldn't be A Love Supreme.

Besides jazz isn't all about playing softly. Jazz can be louder and more intense than metal when it wants to be.
"You can play a shoestring if your sincere." - John Coltrane
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