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Well looks like Carmine gets to play some Zeppelin tunes..maybe he will stop telling anyone who will listen how he was a rock drummer way before Bonzo. I will definetly buy this album. 1) Love Zeppelin, and 2) I do like Carmine despite his constant plea's for recognition.

Vanilla Fudge covering Zeppelin on new CD *UPDATE*
From: VANILLAFUDGE.COM 2007.04.14
An update to a story that was presented back in October 2006, Vanilla Fudge is releasing a new CD in 2007, entitled Out Through the In Door, which is a cover of various Led Zeppelin songs. It was originally slated to be released in February 2007, but has been delayed.

The track listing is as follows:
Immigrant Song
Ramble On
Trampled Under Foot
Dazed And Confused
Black Mountain Way
Fool In The Rain
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Dancing Days
Moby Dick
All Of My Love
Rock And Roll
Your Time Is Gonna Come

Thanks to Adam Vickery
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