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Default Re: My nice shiney new sonor 2007 (so proud)

Originally Posted by tomodrum1 View Post
I love in south england, I have never seen anyone with a Sonor kit. Where did you get it, if you don't mind me asking? It looks quality by the way.

I got it through (or adc drums in liverpool) If you email julain you can get any spec you want (within the main sonor 2007/3007 sizes). There one of the main suppliers of sonor in the uk.

I emailed on the of chance he could help me build the kit of my dreams. i emialed at around 5.30pm & he replyed in half hour telling me i could put together what i wanted from the avalible kits & he would build the kit up for me ( in my case i wanted upgraded hardware but no snare stand/hihat stand or bassdrum pedals or snare drum & i wanted 2x 22x17.5 bassdrums 10x8 12x9 14x14 16x16 toms). 3 weeks later my kit arrived from germany!

These drums are the best you can buy for your money. If you like maple rather than birch you pay a bit more. I like the focused sound of birch.

I skinned the toms thinking the heads supplied would be rubbish (remo ux) but got a fantastic tone from them. Ive ordered some clear aquarian super 2's so i cant imagen what there sound like with them on!

ive already got superkicks on bassdrums. They sound great. Should sound even better when i cut holes in the frontheads.
Still need to put holes in bassdrum skins (or just put band logo skins on)
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