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Jason Dorn
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The time changes in the Rush music and the odd patterns make it very hard to improvise in this music. There are also numerous sequences and animations incorporated into a Rush show that would make it impossible to improvise. I also must admit that some times it is fun to hear a band improvise but I've heard several bootlegs by some of the bands mentioned that IMO were not very impressive. I've never seen a Rush show (which I've done 13 times) or heard a live recording bootleg or otherwise by rush that wasnt amazing. See IMO the problem with improvising is that it can lead to Doodleing which IMO isnt really that awesome. The Song Remains the Same is a good example of a show that demonstrates Improv at a very high level. BTTM it certainly is your right not to like a drummer for this reason but IMO your missing out on some great music and drumming because of this. Nutha I strongly suggest you see Rush the next time they are around the last 4 times I've seen them they have played 3 plus hours of very high intensity music. See thats what amazes me so much about them theyre 50 plus years old and they jamm the donkey off for over 3 hours as much as I love a band like Tool which I really do the live show was only about an hour and a half.
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