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Default Re: My nice shiney new sonor 2007 (so proud)

Originally Posted by Big_Philly View Post
Looks like you've got a good reason to be proud. Great looking kit! can I get some more specs (sizes, cymbals...)
I know how it feels to be let down by a cell phone camera. Yours seems to be better than mine though...
Sizes of drums

2x 22x17.5 Bassdrums
10x8 12x9 High toms
14x14 16x16 floor toms
14x6.5 pearl free floating brass snare (also have steel ian paice sigature)

Cymbals are
sabian 18 & 19 aaxplosions, 18 aax china, 14 aax stage hats, aa metal x ride,
12" aa metal x splash (not shown) Wuhan 12" china splash.

Thanks for the interest
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