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You guys forgot that creativity is also an important part of a good drummer.
I've heard from Travis beats that i've heard from anyone else.
For exemple:
Box Car Racer: Cat Like Thief; Instrumental; Sorrow; Elevator; Watch the wold
The Transplants: One Seventeen; Dj Dj;
Blink 182: Story of a lonely guy; Down; Fallen Interlude; Mutt; Anthem part II;

among many others..

Another thing you forgot was the changes that he does on his drum parts when playing live.
Just see some live videos and you all know what im talking about, but the very best are:
Down live on letterman
I miss you (not sure where it was but i think it was from a TV show)

I know he cannot be compared to drummers like Neil Peart; Billy Cobham; JoJo Mayer; we all know that, but that doesnt make him a bad drummer. He has his own place on the pantheon... also he is one of the drum gods choosen by Drum Gods magazine. Another thing some of oyu talked about was his mohawk and his tattos.. well, i gotta ask to keep youre mouh shutted up because he has that almost since he was born.. (1st tatoo - 17; mohawk - 25 or so) (( he wasnt a famous guy already)), so hes not like that to prove some one hes "so hardcore" as someone said...

Travis has been an huge influence on me because of his taste, and his capability of creating cool drum parts for many-time-heard-musics..
I personally preffer him as box car racer drummer than blink or +44.

Hes not GOD (at least for me) but he is an awsome drummer without a doubt.

And no, im not a "travis Barker rullez" member..

P.S.: check the video "blink 182 - down: on letterman" on youtube anyway :)
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