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Originally Posted by Garvin View Post
Phil, I just checked out that tune on myspace. I really like the drum sound. Who produced it? I guess I could look that up, but oh well. Your drum sound is a lot more jazzy than the other stuff I've heard you on. I'm sure that's what you were going for and I think you nailed it. I like hearing you play in this context after listening and watching a lot of your technical videos and instruction. Very cool, I'm getting a copy for sure!
Hey bratha Garvin!
Thank you man. I produced it myself. Did some of the post production at home and then mastered it in the big studio. Yes, I wanted a jazzy sound to the thing to give it a special touch. I dont really like over processed drum sounds and tried to keep it as live as possible.
I am very glad you like it.
Thanks you:-)
Live to play!
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