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Default Re: New Pics :)

Originally Posted by Cymbalrider View Post
Zildjian makes some of those spiral cymbals now too. They look fun to have. I like the splash hanging upside down in the middle. Duct tape fixes everything :)
Now just switch those TAMA cymbals for Sabian AAX and you're ready to go ;)
Ahh man i dont like the Zildjian ones. mine PWNZ hehe. and that ain't a splash, it's a Sabian 6 inch cd cymbal disc :) haha i'm saving for more AAX stuff :)

Originally Posted by groovemaster_flex View Post
Wow, I wanna hear a sound-byte of that crazy spinny thing.
Those black pads in the background are a digital kit?
Does it have a kick?
go to and click on listen. yes and yes :)
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