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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

I can never resist checking out these threads about DW pedals, and finally had to post. Why does nobody ever mention that the DW9000 pedal footplates clank into the cam if you, say, swap from the left kick pedal to the hihat? It's really annoying, and if it was on an acoustic kit in the studio it would be unacceptable. I play a Roland V-Pro kit, so the noise is not such an issue, but it was still very aggravating. It is very hard to find a setting that minimises this problem, and I have heard of people gluing rubber pads to the toe part to silence this racket, but still, no mention of it in these threads.

It's a beautiful smooth pedal as long as you keep your feet on it, but that one glitch made me sell it on eBay and get myself a Trick Pro-1V double pedal, which was lightning fast - a different feel, more like a runaway sports car, but the things you can do on it once you are used to the action...!!! Then again, I have just boxed that up this morning and posted it after selling it on eBay too. That was only because I have sold the expensive V-kick pad and gone to the mini KD9 triggers to get the multi-pedal setup closer together, and the Tricks do not work well with the upside-down beaters supplied by Roland, nor do the quick-release clamps fit securely to the metal lip. Oh well, not much luck with pedals lately, eh? :-)

I have gone back to single DW5000's now, as you can link the triggers together eliminating the need for double pedals at all, and I LOVE them - better feel than the 9000's and not a hint of clanking. Will miss the Tricks on my next acoustic kit though...

So after all that waffling, what was said earlier is bang on - it's technique, not the pedal - but watch out for the clanky 9000's - for that reason alone I'd say out of the two, definitely go with the 5000's.
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