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As many of you know Keith is off on tour with Steely Dan right now and is travelling across the US and into Europe and then Japan and Australia. For thos of you who have never seen the Dan or Keith - GO!

I saw SD in Clearwater, Florida last night. As usual it was a lesson in musical perfection, restraint, taste and talent. During the song Aja, Keith built up to the first solo , just got into it and dropped a stick! While it put him off some of the chops he was intending to perform, he played through it with consummate skill and there was never a hint of lost time or any awkwardness. A wry smile crossed his lips and he went back into the verse. I felt sorry for him because Aja is clearly his big moment - but he made up for it on the second solo of the song where he appeared to pull out an extra trick or two to make up for the first.

On the whole, it just made me like him more.

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