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Default Re: Bobby Jarzombek here!

Originally Posted by finnhiggins
I saw most of Bobby's DVD the other week while visiting my flatmate at work - he works in a drum shop. Impressive stuff. All the things flying in different directions confuse my tiny brain. It took me five minutes to figure out which ways was "Forwards" what with them cymbals back there...

Edit: Oh, some content... sorry. Bobby - is there anything specific you've done to work on your ability to pull off those choked cymbal phrases during complex hand-to-hand patterns? There's one thing on the video here ("School") which left me pretty baffled as to how you'd come up with it. Was that a program-and-learn job or have you worked on that kind of stuff in a sufficiently focused way that it just comes out when you're jamming? If this is answered on your video of course, feel free to call me an idiot and send me back to watch it again...
Good! Another sweat and brain-trauma inducing DVD! I just ordered a copy from The clips look like he takes some different approaches to Joe Francos' double kick dvd.

I can wait to be humbled, and frustrated again by complex techniques...

"Technique masochist"

EDIT: This thread lead to my personal discovery of Spastic Ink, So I had to order Ink Complete and Ink Compatable.

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