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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Hi, I've been lurking here for quite sometime, but I figured I'd jump in since I've learned a great deal from all of you guys' advice. Thanks!

real name? Chris C

age? 26

how long been playing? air drummed through HS since mom wouldn't me have a real set. Got one when I went to college (rebellion, woohoo!)

origin of user name? Nickname, long story

top 5 drummers? Dave Grohl, Jason Gerken, Carter Beauford, Tim Dow, Rob Smith

make of drumkit? PDP CX Silver Sparkle

make of cymbal? Ziljian Avedis

where do you practice? Uncle Bob's Storage

are you in a band/s? Yes Briley

covers or originals? originals

what style of music? Rock, Indy Rock

favourite take out food? I'm too hungry to take it out, I eat it there.

country? TXUSA

one really odd fact about yourself? I just pulled an all-nighter watching DW videos and reading the forum.

how did you start drumming? I lied and told someone I played drums, then they asked me to play with them. I had to learn REAL quick. Shamefully, 6 yrs later, I'm not much better.