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Default Re: Roger Biwandu here...

Originally Posted by Alex Sanguinetti View Post
Dear Rodge,

I hope you had a great hang with the guys.

Best regards,

Alex Sanguinetti (Munich, Germany)
Hey Alex,

Yeah, I had some great fun with the Guys !!!

Jojo Man, this Guy is REALLY one of the best cat around, I mean not only the INCREDIBLE musician that he is, but he's just a great Human Being, I like him a lot !!!

His DVD is coming soon, I saw some clips, it's just WOW !!!!!
And the CD of his band Nerve is coming too, Man, this Guy is KILLING !!!

All right Alex, thanks for your message Bro'.

Tain, Vinnie, Fish, Jeffrey and Stewart are the reason, many other great, and go The All Blacks !!!
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