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Default Re: Meg White.....wonder drummer??

Originally Posted by da cheese walks View Post
Zambizzi: I listen to a hell of a lot of jazz,and play quite a lot too....Jazz has feeling...BUT it also has technicality....a beginner cant play jazz...Meg White couldnt play Elvin Jones stuff.....Budd Rich stuff...I listen to a lot of latin too,but play barely any....I also didnt say that technial ability makes your drumming more musical....The only reason i used Bozzio as an example is because,as Latin Groover said,he has basically a piano of drums....
Fair enough, it's your opinion and we're all entitled to our own. I wasn't trying to attack you personally. I just found it strange that a drummer wouldn't classify his instrument as a "real" instrument.

I wouldn't say it's an instrument either - I'd say it's several instruments played together as one. To take that even further, there is no limit to the way a drum kit can be played and the sounds it can make because there is no limit on how it can be configured, expanded, etc.

As for Meg White - here's my personal opinion. I like some of the White Stripes tunes and I have one of their CDs. I don't care for the drumming and the first thing I thought to myself when I first heard them on the radio was "damn, that's a cool tune...but it sounds like a 6 yr. old kid on the drums!".

However, she's a successful drummer despite her (apparent) lack of skill. Drums are an instrument anyone can enjoy and indeed, everyone should. If she's enjoying herself, performing and making albums, then more power to her.

Personally, I think a lot of Stripes music could have been done much better w/ a better band...the songs themselves are very good.

As for how her kit is setup, who the hell cares? She looks small and if that setup makes her comfortable then why would anyone else care what angle her mounted tom sits at? This strikes me as an odd comment - we all have our gear setup so we're comfortable. If you take 20 deg. off of the angle of her tom, she'll still sound like Meg White.
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