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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Hey Phil,
Was great finally get to meet and hang. You're an amazing player and person and I had a great time in Cape Breton. Give me a shout anytime and lets stay in touch.
I'll give you a shout when I'm in NY.
Ever hook up with John Fav?
Ditto for you ! I Truly enjoyed your perfomance and got allot out of it! I thank you for dedicating your Latin tune to me! hahahaha!! THAT WAS GREAT! I guess all that Miami living penetrated your blood cells huh? Sounded GREAT!! Loved it!

I am doing s story on the festval for Drums and percussion magazine in Germany so...keep your eye out since you will end up there w photos etc.

If you get a moment pass me your digits at my main email

Master Blaster!!
Miss you already!
Big hugs
Live to play!
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