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Default Re: Derek Roddy

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
I would tell you the same thing now as I did then.
I think to many drummers worry about technique rather than worring about hard work and dedication. As if some magical thing is going to happen by finding a "technique".
You would still have to put MANY hours into developing ANY technique. I find the whole idea of "a technique" to make things easier.....
a bunch of hogwash!!!!
For example....
If you pulled 100 NON drummers out of their cars on the way to work, put them behind a drum kit and asked them to make that little round ball hit the plastic head....... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM are going to do it one of 2 ways....heel up or heel down.
I defy ANY of you to come up with another way to make the beater hit the head. You CAN'T!!!!! What, you're going to play the stroke with your knee???? I know... just reach down and play with your hand! LOL.
I hope you guys can see where searching for a technique to do something for you is leading down a road of never getting there.....which might be why you don't want to accept the answer.
The ONLY technique any of us NEED to know is PRACTICE!!!!!


See I told you this is what Derek will tell you lol. You can do it mate, you just got to get behind that kit and play!

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