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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, etc...

Hey what's up guys? If you cut the hole in the center of the bass drum, it's like not having a front head at all. If you want the hole to serve the purpose of a mic' portal, it's good to have it between 4"-8" on the very outside edge of the head. I put mine halfway up and all the way to the right. It's 8". My yamaha kit came with a plastic ring, that was 8", with an adhesive on the back of it. I just stuck the ring on and then cut the inner circle out with a razor blade. It's a good idea to sand down the hole after you cut it out, also. You or some sound guy could get cut on the sharp edges. Also a 6" or 8" splash cymbal is good to trace a circle, and then cut the circle out with a razor blade. Some sand-papering will clean up the edges.
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