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Real name? Robert
Age? 18
How long been playing? 7 years
Origin of user name? I am just some drummer, nothing special...
Top 5 drummers? Buddy Rich, Stanton Moore, Art Blakey, John Bonham, Dennis Chambers
Make of drumkit? Pearl SRX Session Custom in Vintage Fade, 1958 Slingerland In White Marine Pearl with Black Diamond Pearl Snare, 1961 Ludwig in Blue Sparkle with matching snare.
Make of cymbal? Zildjian, Sabian, Saluda, Paiste.
Where do you practice? My drum/computer room or at school. Whereever I happen to be when I need to.
Are you in a band/s? Yes, with a few possible projects.
Covers or originals? Little of both...
What style of music? Jazz, possible funk band and rock bands in the future.
Favourite take out food? Hulas Chinese Barbecue. Good stuff.
Country? The United States Of America
One really odd fact about yourself? I suppose that I've been a type 1 Diabetic for 5 years now...
How did you start drumming? My moms a music teacher, was a little pressure, before you know it, there I am in the back of the band room...

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