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What does anyone think of Snakes and Arrows...? has A LOT more acoustic guitar in it that I would have expected, but I like the fact that they stayed away from the keyboards, for the most part. The muscianship is OUTSTANDING, as usual, with my favorite songs being...The Main Monkey Business, Malignant Narcissisim, The Way The Wind Blows, The Larger Bowl, Good News First and, We Hold On.

But the entire recording is WELL worth listening to, and have the MVI DVD on order, which comes out on June 5th! And the show @ Nissan Pavillion on June 23rd will be the "icing on the cake"...Play On! ;-)

Oh.... And as far as Neils' playing on S & A, well...the guy just drops your jaw!! STILL...after 32 years on vinyl! The Professor...indeed!

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