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There is FAR more to having great hands then being rudimentally impressive on the snare. Buddy had insane hands but his diversity with his hands does not blow me away at all. I have Virgil's new dvd and he is doing things with his hands utilizing the WHOLE kit that I have never seen anyone pull off. Virgil's hands are FAR better then what some think. The dexterity, the speed, the power, endurance, and precision that it takes to pull off what he does with his hands is astounding. From top to bottom technically he is the most advanced IMO period. Virgil has the hands and the feet and the insane interdependence and he grooves his Ass off. It might not be the music one likes but he spends 90% of the time laying down insane grooves instead of blowing chops. He is far more these days into extreme rhythm then showing how many licks he can throw in over 4 bars. I hear far more guys blowing needless and repetitive chops in the song context then Virg ever has. He would rather let his bandmates shred while he is modulating and subdividing time and displacing the beat. His clinics are not what he does on record. People should know his main influence on his writing/drumming is actually classical and what he does comes from a source having a strong harmonic influence.
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