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Went to see Jojo at a drum clinic here in Cape Town last night. We never get this kind of thing, so seeing him in an awesome venue (I-max movie theatre with steep sloping seating) was a real treat.

What a humbling experience.

D&B, breakbeats etc. might not be everyone's cup of tea, but his whole approach to the clinic makes what he does so relevant. He manages to trace these modern styles back to old jazz, funk and soul roots and you realise what respect he has for MUSIC that speaks from a desire to create and move people, as opposed to a mere show of technique. Not that this man is lacking in the technique department.

At one stage he had to re-atttach his hi-hat clutch, but didn't stop his kick-drum improv or his chatting while doing so. He has incredible foot control, both on kick drum and hi-hat - sliding his special leather soled trainers back and forth across the pedal for a kind of up and down stroke.

And his hand speed and technique are inspiring. He pays great attention to getting many different voices from one instrument, so while he might just be playing on 2 snares, 1 kick, 3 toms and a modest selection of cymbals, his range of styles and sounds is almost endless.

Seems to be a pretty humble, grounded fellow too. I can highly recommend seeing him if he's ever in your neighbourhood.
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