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Ash, you are a drummer who has found a comfort zone and settled.

To restart this thread, it was a search for the "New Buddy", which if you ask me, is a fast set of rudimentary hands. Buddy never had any startling foot work. He had Moeller down before drummers even really knew to learn it. He inspired many of todays drummers to be who they are, but he was in a time where things were swing, jazz, or big band.

These genres aren't too different.

Comparing a fast jazz to fast prog metal is flat out mind boggling.

Virgil Donati, is a better drummer. There is no way around it. He had Buddy as an influence and in no way has his hands, but his foot work along with his hands takes many inspirations and alot more hard work and coordination. Virgil has this unfair advantage.

No, you can't tap your feet to his music and no, he's not a showman.

What you guys are looking for is Mike Mangini's hands on a guy who has little foot knowledge.

So I say todays Buddy Rich is Jeff Queens behind the set. Drumcorp speed, rudiment, and perfection with who knows how much footwork.

Overall, drummers of today inspire different crowds of drummers. This little battle to us means nothing to a Greenday/Wolfmother fan, because they listen to generic beats and melodies. We have Kenny Aronoff to fill those venues.

To Jazz people today, Dave Weckl is the first to mind.
Stanton Moore in Funk, well, New Orleans Jazz, but I'd say he's pretty funky.
Jojo Mayer is all over the European techno scene?
Thomas Haake, Mike Portnoy, etc. own the "musical" prog.

Back then, there was Buddy, then maybe Ringo... who doesn't compare to anyone on this list at all. He inspired with the Beatles, but should have gotten inspired by Buddy, because his technique etc isn't too good.

Lang, Mangini, and Donati are the guys who get paid by drummers to be better then us. Frankly, I don't sit down and say "Lets listen to a 19:16 time signature", but wow am I impressed to know somebody figured it out. Mangini's solos lose a musicality, but when I did the one handed snare roll, non-drummers thought it was cool. I wish I could do a double stroke roll with my feet, so I'm working on it, thanks Virgil. I also wish I had Buddy's hands.

I've rambled on long enough,
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