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Default Re: Post your DW KITBUILDER Dream Kit

Originally Posted by Ozzy Biz View Post
Stanton giving me inspiration? Never!....
Do you have any idea how many times I've watched his modern approach dvd? He's responsible for me first checking out Bosphorus. Now they're all I have on my kit. He runs an 18"/20" as his main kick and a really old & beaten up 26" marching drum as a secondary kick, but out on the right, ala Dave Weckl.
I prefer the Pat Keeler/Stephen Perkins/Tim Alexander style with the extra kick in front of the left foot.
My bad sir, didn't mean to offend. Yeah, Stanton was definitely my first reason for wanting to try out Bosphorus too. Nice to see we have some common taste. I've been meaning to check his dvd out, but right now I'm VERY intent on mastering Mike Clark's advanced funk book.
When in doubt, bring the funk...

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