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Default Re: Post your DW KITBUILDER Dream Kit

Originally Posted by drumminjohn View Post
Hahaha they didn't have the 14X12 rack
Look again. They have 12x14 rack and floor options.

As for mine, something like Pat Keeler from the Raconteurs ludwig kit, or Gmrakich's Bradys.
I really like how Keeler runs a big ( 26" or 24") kick for the heavier stuff and a smaller (either 20" or 18") for softer stuff; he doesn't play 'double-bass' as such, just has two drums for different sound options. That's cool.
As for cymbals, I'd use my own plus a couple of extras. All Bosphorus Traditionals of course.
So left to right they'd be:
16" med crash
10" splash
17" med-thin crash
22" Med ride
18" med crash
20" heavy ride
18" china
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