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So, this is a typical day for me, then... Pictures taken last friday (except for the one of me and my daughter)..

This is me, gigging, at the local church, on a "youth service".

On fridays I want to try to rehearse a bit before gigging. This is at the same local church. Now, since I played, some of the children of the members of the church showed up to see what was making all those fun sounds...

Angelina - the daughter of one of the ministers, joined in. Quite hard to keep a beat when there's a one-year-old beating your snare every 2 seconds... But fun to see young drummers engage in the art...

Anyways... After a while some of the other kids showed up aswell. To make them do something useful with their lives instead of just running around pulling plugs on my practice set, I tried to get them to play some hand drums. It went fairly well aslong as they could borrow my sticks to play with, aswell...

And finally: How I and my daugter look like, when we are going to band practice.

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