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Originally Posted by drummerchick435 View Post
Hey Mr. Maturano (Southern Manners for ya!)

You've got friggin' awesome skills ,man! Your playing is so good I cry! Haha! OK I'll stop being a suck up now....even though I've been around here a while I still get star struck. :)

I've been wanting to learn some reggae (that is your style right? I'm still learning about different styles of music), what should I work on first?

Drummerchick435 (Kristen)
Hi Kristen. Well, thank you veeery much for your kind words. But please...dont call me MR. hahaha. Phil is fine.

Reggae...I learned allot about reggae, soca and calypso from master steel drummer Boogsie Sharp. I did quite a few gigs with him on the west coast. Thats when I really got to dig in to those styles. I am guessing you have a western musical background correct? If that is the case... My always start out with investigating feel and vocabulary. The patterns themselves are not difficult. What will be a challenge is to obtain the right touch, feel and language for the music. An essential part of that is to study where this language and feel comes from. If you have more questions please email me or call and we can talk. Its to vast really for here.

Here is something you might dig.

Again thank you for the words and I hope to hear you doing the "Reggae ting" soon.
Live to play!
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