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Default Steve Smith DVD sticking misprint?

I'm new at drumming so this might be an amateur error on my part; but those of you who own the Steve Smith Drumset Technique DVD might be able to explain this sticking:

Go to chapter selection
Go to exercises, licks, and phrases
Go to toms, flams

Right after Steve says, "Let me show you that again a little bit slower."

At the bottom of the screen it prints this: RRL RRL RRL RRL
While Steve is really playing this: r LRL r LRL r LRL r LRL

Next at the bottom it prints this: RRLR LLRL RRLR LLRL
But he's actually playing this: r LRLR r LLRL

And finally the screen prints this: RRLL RRLL RRLL RRLL
I believe Steve is using this sticking: r LRLL r LRLL

Is the sticking played as I see it and not as the DVD explains it? Or am I missing something?
This really has me confused because I'd swear there's a typographical error in the DVD (like the Jeff Queen DVD which they correct with an errata line while he's making the mix-up) ; but, as I said, I'm a rank amateur and, although I can trust my instincts, I defer to those more experienced than I.

Thankyou for your time if you can look at that DVD and correct my mistakes.

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