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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

Originally Posted by Red Hawk View Post
Hey man, I was just stating my opinions that were created from my own personal experiences. As far as the spring tension being the cause of the beater hitting my foot... that's how I set my pedals, no matter what they are, and the Iron Cobras are the only ones that do that. That doesn't make me wrong, it makes me different...

I also said exactly what you said in your last sentence in my previous post.

Of course, with a name like "ironcobra" I almost expected you to defend Tama's pedals, which are of the highest quality. I tried them and didn't like them so I figured I would post my experience with them here where my opinions might help someone else... I thought that's what these forums are for.

Anyway, like i said before, the only way you're going to find the right pedal for YOU is to go to your local store and play with all of them...

ya i agree, i think i was a little grumpy when i posted that

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