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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

These are all good pedals -itís really just a matter of what you like best.

I Just wanted to back up to the original post here for a sec, though. If you want to get faster, buying a new pedal isnít the best way to do it. This is especially true if the one youíve already got is pretty decent, as you say. You may notice a difference, but itís certainly not going to bump you up to the next level or anything.

Youíll make a bigger difference in what you can play by trying to improve your technique. The guys who are real double bass monster players can do what they do on any pedal and the gear they choose is really just a matter of preference, or, for the bigger name guys, it can be in part a business decision when it comes to endorsing a particular brand of gear.

Anyway, Iím just trying to be helpful -I donít mean to come off sounding condescending or anything. Iíd honestly say to save your money and just shed your butt off. If you really want to get something for yourself, spend on lessons. What you can get out of a good teacher will benefit your playing far more than any piece of gear ever will.

Hope that helps!
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