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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

I used the ironcobra double pedal when I played metal and it was very comfortable and fast. I had that pedal for about 3 years before I stripped the insterts for the rod that connects the two pedals together. I could not get that part from anyone while on tour, but a nice guy at a Guitar Center in Alabama hooked me up with one from their pedals in stock and sent my part back as defective...AWESOME! Anywho, when I switched back to single pedal playing I went all out and bought the DW 9000. It was super smooth, very fast, and very well built. There was a lot of adjusting that had to be done to arrive at that point though because they are so over engineered. When I decided to get another double pedal I bought the DW 5000 turbo thinking I could get that feel. I can't seem to get the pedal set up just the way I'd like, it just feels a little heavy. When my band opened up for another group this last week, I had to use the headliners kit at the house's request. Their drummer had the Ironcobra pedal and it felt like home again. They feel lighter, quicker and smoother. But, the pedal did not feel as overbuilt as the DW, so reliability may be an issue as was my case a few years ago.
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