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Default Re: Stick Grip Product

Well it has been a month since I started this little DIY project and to date nothing negative to report. No peeling, or cracking, or dropped sticks. I have been able to do ride playing with just my thumb and middle finger on the stick and not one bit of slip. And there have been no blisters. I will admit that I am not a hard or heavy player nor do I do a lot of rim shots. I would assume rim shots would be on that part of the sticks that are covered in the Plasti Kote product. I was even able to do some cross-sticking and get a sound not much unlike a nude stick. All in all I feel that this was a success and well worth the time and money spent. I covered about 8 pair of sticks, maybe more, and still had product left in the can. If this helped anyone other than myself then I am pleased. If you haven't tried it give it a try if you would like. Be able to control the thickness by the number of coats dipped, and how far up the stick to put the product seemed more advantageous to me than buying sticks already dipped by the manufacturer. Peace.
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