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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

Originally Posted by Red Hawk View Post
5000s and Iron Cobras seem very similar to me, but Iron Cobras weigh like twice as much, and they're HUGE.

And if you play in socks, you'll have bruises on the tops of your feet from the iron cobras because the beaters seem to bounce around alot more than any other pedal I've played. The beaters always whack the top of my foot on upstrokes...

Go play every double pedal you can find until you find one you like.

Or, send me 100 bucks and I'll sell you my Pearl P100 double.
i disagree with everything you said, they are not huge, the beaters only hit your feet because the tension is set wrong when you get them, im not sure about the weight but your making them sound like they're a waste of money, but ZRdrummer you must not listen to anyone on this site, go and try out all the pedals you can and grab the one thats best for you, our opinions do not represent your comfort preferences

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