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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Real Name? Greg
Age: 25
Playing: 14 yrs.
Top 5 favorite drummers as of 10/12/05: Thaddeus Dixon, Lawrence Leathers, Nate Smith, Fara Tolno, Hamid Drake.
Drumkit: Drummer's World Nesting Kit
Cymbals: Old K's, Constantinople Ride, Istanbul flat ride
Bands: Mostly just a gig drummer, but I've been playing a lot with the same jazz trio.
Style of music? Jazz, Afro-Cuban, West-African, Rock Blues etc...
Favorite Food: Indian, Thai, and NY Pizza.
Country: USA USA USA USA!!!
Interesting fact: I'm an excellent driver.... An excellent driver....
How'd I start drumming: Playing to Motown records on my dad's Ludwig kit.