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Default Re: Metal Bands, suggestions?

Originally Posted by wnameth View Post
don't know if these have already said, and i'm not gonna go read through all the names.

As I lay dying
between the buried and me
The Human abstract
August Burns Red
Killswitch engage (currently have a great album out titled As daylight dies)
Protest the Hero (not too hardcore, but excellent guitar and drums)

for now those are the ones you should check out, nothing obscure, not insanely hardcore either, all are really good for drumming... if they weren't i wouldn't like them.


Oh man, great choices right there.

THA and PTH all have really similar styles, which I truly enojy.

Plus Killswitch Engage is just absolutely amazing.

I would also recomend Kalmah who are a melodeath band from Finland.

As far as Underoath goes, they are more in the "post hardcore" realm of music along with stuff like Alexisonfire and Comeback Kid.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE Underoath, I just dont think the term "metal" describes their sound as well as other genres.

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