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Default Re: Your Thoughts On Billy Cobham?

Originally Posted by jbc6 View Post
Hey, it's just my opinion, but I like B.C. the best. I threw something on another board, and some folks said that he's a sloppy drummer. That surprised me. I'm no musician, but I always thought that he played cleanly and accurately.

Here's the site:

Here's one of the quotes if you don't want to go there:

"He is a good drummer. However he'll never be one of the greats. There's a simple reason for this.

He ALWAYS is catching rims or his sticks. Even on studio recordings there's clicks and clacks all over.

If you can't play clean, then you shouldn't be trying to play so fast. There's a slew of drummers who play with as much speed, power and creativity who never catch a rim. Let alone multiple times in a given song, on record."

I'm not sure what to think!
A full year later this same guy is still at the same place at the same forum bashing Billy Cobham senseless over the rims issue. But check out what he's saying now.

You won't believe it. Also check out this 24 year old man's post count.

I'll just let the posts speak for themselves.
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