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Aaron is a great talent for defining Tim's ryffs and the rythmic of the band. I can't listen to any Hardcor music as I listen to Underoath. My goal is to steal hardcore music from metal purist I hate to see Hardcore associated with deat metal. I love music and I admire first a music that goes deep, with an amazing mix, brilliant arrangmenet ideas. And Underoath is one of the few that does it and they do it best. I personnaly thin that the old underoath stuff as great drumming but I gave credit to the present Aaron's work I don't care about the style and I hate purist because it'anti-creation. Being limited to one style is the worst things in terms of art and creatining and innovating. Underoath is now very professional and innovative. It sound way better than other hard band and even if they are not actually the most violent trashy band, it's sound a lot more powerful and intense because they know espescially aaron, how to arrange there song to be intense deep in emotions and it gives a lot of value to the hard parts. The whole Define the great album is a love to listen from first to last song. Each song have a lot of ideas and doesn't sound the same, great rythmics and is way higher in a professional level than any other band and there reaching something that the other bands can't reach. They're not metal purist so they are able to make hardcore music accessible to a wider audience. Aaron singing is perfect the last album mix is great.Everybody knows how miraculous it is for them to turn an diying band after changing of times to a top selling band, they did chasing safety the way it is to get back on track and make themselves a public they've done it cheesy and easy to listen with not to radical lyrics. And them when we know them and get used to who they're...they release they're finest purest stuff that define who they really are and what they like. I've been listenning to define the great line for a year now and can't stop at first I was saying it's a great album but not ground breaking. But as I saw them in Irvine, California last month. Now I say that aaron is the best modern hardcore drummer, not only because I know he can play very technically but that he's mature and is very taleneted in MUSIC before druming and that open a lot of door to a better and understandable drumming within a band and make what underoath is nowaday.Define the great line is now to be groundbreaking. I hope they will go very far. and I hope to meet this guy.


David, Montreal.Qc
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