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I don't think Phil Collins was the drummer on the very first Genesis CD; when sour turns sweat. And some of Trespass as well. Anyway I grew up listenning to all Phil Collins' stuff in Genesis and Brand X and learned a lot of my drumming through him and style as well. He's in my main drumming influence between John Bonham and the unknown Aaron Gillespie(who is the drummerworld's wich list and I can't wait to see him officially see as a great drummer). Like Phil Collins he's a drummer-singer and I am too in my band. I would like to be a front man as a like to play drums. And phil Collins is that singer drumming inspiration for me as is a great arranger of song. He built great ideas with is drumming I will praise him within his own work because Idon't think a professional drummer like him is good to do covers. He's at first a creator and can't do otherway, so playing with Led Zep was to me something attractive being both high in my list but putting them together is just a bad idea it's not fitting at all. Bonham has that way of playing the led zep song so well, it needs more genius to knows what not to play and what to play the right way at the right and making it sound different. Phil Collins has done that with genesis and was a great arranger for his solo stuff. Bonham was the best for a hard rock band like Led Zep. And Aaron Gillespie, like his idol Dave Grohl, who stepped out from behind his drum kit to capture the rock world’s hearts as one of the genre’s most visible frontmen, just did with his pop project The Almost. He played every single instrument on the album and arranged it all. That's another big influence for me like Phil Collins as not only a personnal own style drummer but also a composer and arranger; a leader. So like Phil Collins in genesis Aaron is also a second singer in Underoath and writer and leader in the way the band sounds and believe me it makes a big difference to his unique drumming style and the way he knows how to play with the song and make it flows. Now enough about Aaron this forum is about Phil Collins but just to say that Phil did it and was the most rewarded front man drummer and I give him credit for that. He's part of my drumming and will always be.


David, Montreal.Qc
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