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Originally Posted by PHIL2007 View Post
Hi Billy! Could you 'splain the concept behind the signature stick that you had Truline design for you?
I went to the website and it gave me the basic concept behind the Power Grip series,what i am gittin' at is what does your particular design do for you? What led you to create a stick to those specifications?
I am considering buying a brick of these sticks,problem is, there is no dealer within 100 miles of me to go to and try them out,so, i kinda have to rely on word of mouth to get my info.
One last question, do you have any future plans to design a set of cymbals? I am sure that you have a set of sounds in your head that you can have someone like Mark Love @ Sabian create for you!
Phil Welch
hi Phil,

My Trueline signature drumstick exists because I wanted the size of their jazz model stick (like a 5a ize) in my hand, but the shoulder and tip of the their standard jazz model didn't hold up for me. I need particularly a thicker shoulder (this is the part that goes UP to the tip itself. With a stronger shoulder, I can be more naturally abusive and the stick will survive. So my model has the TG Jazz half in my hand and then going towards the tip it becomes a TG Rock. Simple as that!

I strongly suggest you buy one or two pairs of anything before you buy more! It would be terrible if you ended up hating a large purchase!

Cymbal wise, I am very very happy with what I am playing - and I have been happy for a long time. Back when I was with Sabian, I loved their cymbals (though I was never enthralled with thier jazzier lines). Sabian makes great cymbals. For several years now I have been playing Zildjians and am overwhelmingly happy with their sound and feel. I do experiment quite a bit with Paul Francis, the resident genius of the Z-world. I feel very fortunate to be able to play instruments as good as those.

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