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Originally Posted by dancebeats View Post
I got his bundled "Get started on drums" DVD when I bought my very first drumset 2, 3 years ago as a complete newbie. I knew then he was a great educator whom I wanted to stick with. I was very glad to see his Groove Essentials release. I learned my Cha Cha and Bolero grooves from that DVD. His use of the hi-hat was the best I've seen so far (I was inspired to get the 13" K pair as seen in the DVD). I love his cowbell playing too. The Best Educator.

Yes, yes, yes! Just got the Groove Essentials DVD and have fallen in love with his cymbal set-up. The hats and ride are magnificent. His hi-hat technique is stunning. Can you tell me the exact model of hats and ride he's using?
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