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Default Re: Vinnie Colaiuta

Must confess I didn't really like the way this guy played, thought he was a bit too choppy (not that I am anywhere near as good as him... anywhere...), but just this tuesday I heard him play with Herbie Hancock.

He's a freaking legend.

He was really tasteful, plays what works, and really well too. Seems like a modest bloke too. It was pretty cool how he wore his black singlet in front of a black background, you saw his arms flailing about like they weren't attached to anything :p

I had no idea he'd be there, luckily managed to get tix for Herbie on the day (!!) and doubly bonus, turns out he was playing!

On the downside, no more concerts till August... my parents have been forking out the dough.

So yeah. New found respect for Vinnie. Anybody else see him on the tour?
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