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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

I've read enough of these to feel guilty for not posting my own. Here it is!

real name? Brian
age? 33
how long been playing? almost 1 year
origin of user name? band name
top 5 drummers? (on DW) - Moore, Greb, Carey, Bonham, Purdie
(not on DW) - John Wright (nomeansno), Bill Stephenson (descendents), Damon Che (Don Cab), Will Sharf (keelhaul).
make of drumkit? Gretsch
make of cymbal? Paiste Sigs
where do you practice? my basement
are you in a band/s? yes
covers or originals? originals YO
what style of music? you tell me (thread search "Finally, studio tracks")
favourite take out food? Thai
country? 'Mericuh
one really odd fact about yourself? I've had 4 concussions (sweet!)
how did you start drumming? I couldn't find the right combo of personality, artistic vision and skills.