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Default Re: Advice for starting a website

Originally Posted by drummerchick435 View Post
My parents said I could start this site not this summer but next summer but in the meantime I need help deciding a catchy name for it. I'd like it to have some form of the word Autism in it and keep in mind this is for all types of musicians. Any suggestions?

Also if you or someone you know is a musician with Autism please PM or email (but please no spam!) me the info. All I need is at least one picture, a brief bio, and a little bit of contact info. You can give me anything else that you or the other person would like, meaning a video of them playing/performing ,more pictures, etc. but those are optional.
Hmm... how about:

AutisMusic or Autismusic


The Music of Autism? ( I actually like that one more I think.
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