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Originally Posted by Raymond Bloom View Post
I like this quote:

Buddy was great, but sometimes people like to idolize him too much
The funny thing is that it was Mr. Bellson himself who once stated that "a hundred years will pass until people start to understand what he (Buddy) was doing...".

I can speak from all the videos I saw from him. I'm talking from an experienced point of view. I've experienced many videos from Virgil and Buddy, and I personally always stay with the later. Buddy was smooth like butter. If you have the chance, I recommend you to try to understand his hand rudiments in his "Buddy Rich 1970" video... that was a work of a Genius - in MY understanding of what I've heard and saw in that video (and so many others of him...).

I truely believe that Buddy deserves all the enthusiastic praise he oftenly gets - but, again, that's just my perception of what I saw and listened to. With that said, there's possibly no doubt that, in some areas, the bar has been raised to sky-levels beyong what Buddy's single bass pedal could possibly do and create/achieve. Yes. There's no doubt at all.

I really like to emphasize what really deserves to be (imo); in this sense, Buddy's hands and genius once upon a drumset soloing are still unmatched (for me), as much as are Virgil's magnificent feet. :]
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