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Originally Posted by jazzin' View Post
I still can't decide on that one. Well, that's not entirely true. It's great. Of course some of the tracks are utterly amazing. 13th Day, Kothbiro...Uncovered Heart wow!! Beautiful and moving tribute to his daughter tragically killed in an accident :( What a sad, lonely but joyful song.

The thing is though, the electronic tracks that he played with on it are tragically bad! Awful even. Some of the sounds he plays with just sound wrong I thought. Apart from those though, I agree the album is incredible and Blade is funky, swinging and hip throughout.

I still dig Form and Fantasy, Beat Degeneration with Ari at the moment. Actually, Werner is my favourite musician at the moment. His trio albums are some of the best I've ever heard, bar none, and I've been looking for Unprotected Music with Baron but haven't been able to find it as of yet.
Yes, this one grows on you. It's been growing on me. I see how some may not like the electronic, bizarre sounds...I've been getting into that somewhat I like it. Yes, a tragic story about his daughter. Very sad.

Since you're an Ari fan, I recommend Bill Carrothers' latest - Keep Your Sunny Side Up. Superb! Bill is another favorite of mine these days along with Kenny. Both are incredible and on the cutting edge in my opinion...
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