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Default Re: Matt Tong

Matt Tong. What's else to say?

Matt is probaly one of the best new drummer's ive seen in a while. He's very creative. He, uses some of the most creative beats i've heard in a while. It may just be me, but he's like a light hitting Travis Barker with his "shuffles" on his hi-hats. I've recently gottin' into Bloc Party, probaly because of the drumming and great lyrics, (My lighter side) and im usualy listening to drummers banging the crap out of there kits. Drum! Magazine did a segment in i believe there March Issue, wich is the Andy Hurley one. (Andy Hurley isent that good :P)

Matt is the future........ KEEP A LOOK OUT

(btw, Panic! At The Disco SUCKS! no offense)

Endorsements are hard to come by. Anyone???? :p
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