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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

This argument is really getting a little ridiculous. Buddy's designed techniques are being used today by modern day drummers. It doesn't matter if he layed down a rock groove or not. So much of what we do can be transposed into different roots of music. So he didn't play double bass drums, it doesn't matter. Just look at what today's players are doing and go back and see if Rich was the originator. Give credit where credit is due!

Kruppa is not mentioned by todays crowd, because he was either dead (1973) and not publicized as Rich was or was retired ( prior to 1967). Rich had the advancement of TV and talk shows etc., of which Kruppa did not. Most people you ask today probably were after the Beatles, YardBirds, etc, or were not exposed to big band music by their parents.

As far as Rich not using his third tom or second floor tom, better go revist his solos again. Go check out the Drummerworld stick trick solo under Buddy's video's.
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