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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

honestly, i cant believe any of this.

to say that buddy rich could not be a great rock player, or latin player, or any player is RIDICULOUS.

i hate to be the one to have to say it, but the majority of rock playing does not demand a great deal of technical facility. the beauty of rock playing, is more in the composition, the way elements work together, etc. bonham, was obviously brilliant in this respect. so is peart, moon, <insert your favourite>

but at the very bottom of the issue is the simple fact that none of this is THAT complicated. you can preach groove all you want and say senseless things that apply only to someone listening strictly to the drums on a track, like "wow the way he displaced a 128th really blew me away" but you cant argue with the fact that..

chops = talent

maybe he didnt practice rock music, and maybe he wasnt the nicest guy. but it is clear to anyone with ears, that buddy rich was more then capable, had enough chops, enough brains to play pretty much anything <inesrt your favourite> did.

play a buddy rich track, and anything else that isnt by some late 90's technical monster, to a non-drummer and see who they think is better.

for instance, i could say portnoy is better then donati for the notes he doesnt play. or he grooves better, or some other overused drum forum lingo. unfortunately, that just wouldn't be true. donati could obviously pound out anything portnoy could play and about 100 times more. and if he doesnt play with restraint, its because he has the talent to do it without sounding stupid. its a cold hard fact of nature.

if you can't agree with it, your giving whichever 70's superstar you prefer too much credit. end of story
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