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Man when i watch Thomas Lang play drums i am amazed how talented he is. Until about a minute into his playing. Thats when I fall asleep. Josh Freese on the other hand is just like Abe Cunningham to me. People can sit here and say these guys dont have the best chops or there not the fastest but man when I watch these guys play I wont blink the whole performance. There energy is amazing and guys like this are the reason i picked up some drum sticks in the first place. Im also an Uber-Tool nerd, equivalent to a Trekkie, and I honestly think that Carey couldn't of done any better for APC than Freese did. Well, he is God so maybe just a tad better.
O yeah, check out Derek Bloom (From First To Last) and Jay Wynne (Circle Takes the Square). Not main stream bands you'll hear on the radio so im just tryin to spread the word of some not so popular drummers that i think are amazing through word of mouth.
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