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Originally Posted by Skitch View Post
And I would like to add to this, if I may, that being a professional doesn't necessarily mean a high level of technical prowess behind the drum kit. It means showing up on time (or way before, preferably), being prepared (knowing the songs) and being in shape (sober) to play the gig.

There many highly skilled musicians who aren't professional because they blow up when things don't go to suit them, or are always late. And some of these folks know it and admit that they just can't be that professional all of the time, so they prefer to do something else in life and play music as a hobby which there is nothing wrong with.

I have had to look myself in the mirror before many road gigs and do the gut check to make certain that I was OK with what I was doing, because this business is all about word of mouth, and that word of mouth is either going to be good or bad...

Sorry if I took too many liberties on your thread, Billy, I just thought that this would be useful info.....

By the way, I still have that K Mastersound that you guys signed for me!

Hey Mike - there is absolutely NO REASON for you to apologize (apologise). This is a GROUP HANG! and that is what is fun about it. I love your addition!

listening to Rufus Wainwright right now -
Then I've got a baseball game to check out. I'm on vacation tonight! :D

remember - the drummer is the smartest guy in the band!
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